The Virginia (aka: Spider Mutant, Muschiklaus or Gorgon) is one of the special classes of mutants on the island.

Locations Found Edit

There are numerous Virginias to be found, mostly in set spawnpoints in caves. Eventually, and after, the player(s) become hostile with the Cannibals, Virginias will spawn on the surface and attempt to hunt down the player. Virginias on the surface are usually accompanied by an Armsy or Cowman -- or at times both --and 2-7 cannibals of varying type (i.e. skinny, painted, pale.)

A Virginia in a Cave.


Virginias are female and consist of an abomination of legs attached to a female torso. There are several pairs of arms and legs. The arms are unused by the Virginia, but are capable of movement. As of v 0.33 and as Cannibal Hostility increases, there is a chance that a spawned surface Virginia can be a blue variation of traditional Virginias. The Blue Virginias are much faster, have more health, and do more damage than the more common version.

Blue Gordon


Virginias are aggressive on sight, though they seem to have poorer eyesight and need to be closer to the player than other mutants (more information needed). Upon noticing the player, they will raise their front two legs much as a spider would and sprint toward the player, using their legs to attack the player. The trailer showed them to have the ability to break player-built walls, but this has not been implemented in the game yet. As of v 0.33, Virginias are now much faster, resistant, and stronger.

Attacks Edit

Virginias Have multiple attacks that they will attempt to kill the player with, ranging from a powerful melee to a long-range jump attack.


  • Virginias have very powerful melee attacks and are able to kill the player in two hits.
  • Players have nicknamed the Virginia "the spider mutant"
  • If you are carrying any Explosives or Molotovs, it is best to use them rather than risking melee combat. Note that explosives can and will completely obliterate a Virginia as well as any other mutants, if their health is low enough, making Creepy Armour and the Virginia Trophy unobtainable.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Virginia is unable to spawn or give birth to Mutant Babies while in combat. All babies found around a Virginia is spawned just as the Virginia is.


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