Luggage of the deceased plane passengers.

A Suitcase on the Shore

Location[edit | edit source]

Suitcases are scattered around the Plane Wreckage mainly. Some can be found around the beach near the sailing boat and randomly in other locations. You can access what's inside by hitting it with a weapon.

Note: Not all of them will have items of use.

Notable survival gear (sorted by percent chance)[edit | edit source]

Item Chance Chance (%)
Cloth Needs Testing For Current Release
Tennis Ball
Plastic Torch
Items in The Forest
Crafting Items
BoozeClothCircuit BoardCoinsRope
Items found in The Forest
SuitcasesTennis Ball • Restores Energy (Cassette PlayerSoda) • Restores Health (Meds) • Restores Hunger (Snack)
Acquired Items
Mutants (Mutant LimbsTeeth) • Rabbit (Raw Rabbit) • Lizard (Lizard SkinRaw Lizard) • Bird (Feathers)
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